ASAP Supporters

Explore the impressive leaders who support ASAP's cause:

Dr. Kerry Healey
Kerry was the 70th Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 under GovernorMitt Romney. She is the former President of Babson College. Kerry is currently the President of The Milken Institute’s Center for Advancing the American Dream.

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Ambassador Melanne Verveer
Ambassador Verveer is the Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. She also serves as the Special Representative on Gender Issues for the OSCE Chairmanship. Amb. Verveer previously served as the first U.S. Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues, a position to which she was nominated by President Obama in 2009.

Ambassador Ron Neumann
Ambassador Neumann is an American diplomat who served as the United States Ambassador to Afghanistan (2005–2007), Bahrain (2001–2004) and Algeria (1994–1997). He currently serves president of the American Academy of Diplomacy, and is the author of The Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan, a book exploring political and military issues of Afghanistan.

Ambassador Ryan Crocker
Ambassador Crocker is a former career ambassador within the United States Foreign Service and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has served as United States Ambassador to Afghanistan (2011–2012), Iraq (2007–2009), Pakistan (2004–2007), Syria (1998–2001), Kuwait (1994– 1997), and Lebanon (1990–1993). In January 2010, he became Dean of Texas A&M University's George Bush School of Government and Public Service

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Peter Bergen
Peter is a journalist, documentary producer, Vice President for Global Studies & Fellows at New America. He is currently a  national security analyst with CNN and a Professor of Practice at Arizona State University, where he co-directs the Center on the Future of War.

Ambassador Marc Grossman
Ambassador Grossman served as the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, the State Department's third ranking official, until his retirement in 2005, after 29 years in the US Foreign Service. As Under Secretary, he helped marshal diplomatic support for the international response to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. He also managed US policies in the Balkans and Colombia and promoted a key expansion of the NATO alliance. As Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, he helped direct NATO's military campaign in Kosovo and an earlier round of NATO expansion. As the U.S Ambassador to Turkey, Ambassador Grossman encouraged vibrant US-Turkish political, military, and economic relations.

Anita McBride
Anita is currently an executive in residence at the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies in the School of Public Affairs at American University. She previously served as assistant to President George W. Bush and chief of staff to First Lady Laura Bush from 2005 to 2009, directing the staff’s work on the wide variety of domestic and global initiatives in which Mrs. Bush was involved with primary responsibility for the First Lady’s work to support US foreign policy objectives in human rights, women’s empowerment, global health, and human freedom.

Larry Sampler

Larry is Vice President for Finance/Administration and Chief Operating Officer at Metropolitan State University/Denver. A former Green Beret, Sampler went on to serve in the State Department and as USAID's Assistant Administrator for the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs.

Representative Michael Waltz
Congressman Michael Waltz represents Florida’s 6th congressional district. He is a proud Florida native, combat-decorated Green Beret, former White House and Pentagon policy advisor, and small business owner. Congressman Waltz has served all over the world as a decorated Special Forces officer with multiple combat tours in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa.

Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne

Ambassador Wayne is an accomplished diplomat and executive, who has served in a wide variety of positions during his career, including as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and Argentina, Deputy Ambassador in Afghanistan, Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs, and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe.“Tony” is currently a Public Policy Fellow with the Wilson Center.

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