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The Alliance in Support of the Afghan People (ASAP) is a coalition dedicated to advancing efforts to support a stable and sustainable Afghanistan that never again becomes a sanctuary for terrorism.
We support Afghan aspirations for peace, security, political and economic development, social justice, and a self-reliant Afghanistan integrated in the international political and economic community.
Since 2001, the Afghan people with international support have made progress towards building a new society that is more prosperous and democratic, where women and men are more educated and in better health, and where Afghans are the ones fighting to keep their country secure and not a source of terrorist attacks. This is ultimately the progress that will make the United States and its allies and partners more secure from threats originating in the region.
Continued support for the Afghan people will allow them to continue to make  progress towards an Afghanistan that is a place of hope and growth, not violence and despair.  
Today, despite formidable obstacles, a critical opportunity exists to protect, sustain and advance the progress and investments the people of Afghanistan and the United States have made since 2001.  
ASAP's Values


Respect for the political and social rights of women and youth and other vulnerable groups.


A peace process that addresses the causes of conflicts, fully involves all Afghans, and reinforces positive changes since 2001.

Credible Elections

Credible elections that produce a result acceptable to the Afghan people.
Continued US and international assistance that empowers the new generation of Afghan men and women and makes assistance more accountable and effective, through:


Adherence to transparency and anti-corruption commitments by both the Afghan Government and International donors;


Lean investment directly to Afghan institutions;


Acceleration of political and economic reforms;


Efforts to increase Afghan revenues to make Afghanistan self-supporting by 2030;


Security partnership with Afghan forces in their fight on the frontlines of terrorism.


ASAP Welcomes Appointments of Rina Amiri and Stephenie Foster to Key Afghan Policy Roles
January 5, 2022
The Alliance in Support of the Afghan People (ASAP) today welcomed the U.S. Department of State’s selection of Rina Amiri as its Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls, and Human Rights and Stephenie Foster as Senior Advisor for Women and Girls Issues within the Department’s Coordinator for Afghan Relocation Efforts (CARE) team.
Forum addresses thorny questions about providing aid to Afghanistan
December 22, 2021
ASAP Steering Committee Member Annie Pforzheimer moderated a Center for Strategic and International Studies discussion on the topic.
On NPR, Pforzheimer discusses challenge of addressing Afghan crisis without enabling Taliban
December 7, 2021
"Since the Taliban have seized control of the central bank, there's no way to release those sorts of funds without the Taliban gaining control of them. If money went to the Taliban, there's absolutely no indication that they would spend it well or fairly."
New ASAP video urges sustained support for Afghans left behind
December 3, 2021
Please check out ASAP's latest video, featuring U.S. military service veteran Rick Burns, who urges the U.S. to do everything to support the Afghan people.
ASAP Statement on unfreezing of Afghan assets and the Taliban's responsibility to fix the humanitarian crisis
December 1, 2021
The U.S. government’s freezing of the Afghan national reserves was warranted and responsible. The Taliban’s strong-arm capture of the country did not confer upon it official government status any more than holding a gun to someone else’s head entitles one to legal ownership of the other person’s property or bank account. The U.S. is right to prevent such grand larceny from happening.
Annie Pforzheimer on "America’s Afghan Debacle"
Project Syndicate podcast
October 26, 2021
Pforzheimer: "I don’t see the United States under almost any circumstance putting troops back on the ground in Afghanistan. But the issues there are very serious, and we must remain engaged. The humanitarian needs are so acute that there may be a real outflow of refugees, which in turn will destabilize that region and maybe even Europe. And I think we have both a moral obligation and a strategic interest to make sure that this country remains stable."
To keep the U.S. engaged in Afghanistan, we need a congressional commission
Washington Monthly
October 14, 2021
Annie Pforzheimer writes that even though the United States has left the country, we can’t—for moral and strategic reasons—turn our backs on Afghanistan. Instead, we need to create a powerful domestic mechanism to compel the U.S. government to remain engaged, to monitor the unfolding situation for instability, and to use whatever levers we can to stop the further decay of Afghan lives and American interests: a standing congressional commission.
ASAP policy framework on responding to Taliban control in Afghanistan
September 13, 2021
Among other recommendations, ASAP urges that formal recognition of a Taliban-led government should come, if at all, only after an inclusive government is formed, the Afghan Government agrees to international oversight with respect to humanitarian assistance and human rights protection, and the Afghan government effectively foreswears terrorism and renounces all ties with terrorist organizations.
Pforzheimer addresses the challenges of women in Afghanistan
Cheddar News
September 10, 2021
Annie Pforzheimer appears on Cheddar TV
CGTN interview with Annie Pforzheimer
CGTN America
September 1, 2021
A discussion of what happened and what should be done now in Afghanistan